COVID-19 Summer Camp Guidelines


  1. Campers will be separated into pods and will not rotate between classrooms or teachers this year to ensure minimal exposure 

  2. Class sizes will be kept small

    • PK3 - Kinder class sizes will be kept to no more than 10 campers

    • 1st - 5th grade class sizes will be no larger than 15 

  3. Mask requirements

    • Campers will be required to wear masks entering and exiting the building, during transitions from outdoor activities to classrooms, when going to the restroom, and while in close proximity to other campers or staff members. 

    • Staff members will be required to wear masks while in close proximity to campers, other staff members, while moving from indoor activities to outdoor activities, and during drop off and pick up duties. 

    • Staff members may wear face shields while teaching lessons, but must transition to masks for the above listed activities. 

  4. Sanitizing

    • Hand sanitizer will be available for campers and staff members at all times.

    • Campers should wash hands thoroughly prior to eating and any time after returning from outdoor activities.  

    • Classrooms, restrooms and equipment used during camp will be sanitized daily by the cleaning crew and in between use as necessary by camp staff members. 

  5. Lunch and Snacks

    • Need to be provided from home 

    • Need to be items that do not need to be heated up

    • Will be eaten in the classroom to minimize exposure 

    • All food items should be opened by the child; if a staff member has to help, they will be required to wear a new pair of gloves for each child they assist. 

  6. Arrival and Dismissal

    • Campers and staff members will undergo a health screening upon arrival daily.

    • Arrival will be through the portico and school drop off procedures should be followed to maximize the safety of campers and staff members. 

    • Upon arrival, campers will proceed to their assigned classroom where a staff member will be waiting for them

    • Dismissal will be done through the portico and all school pick up procedures should be followed to maximize the safety of campers and staff members. 

    • Campers will remain in their assigned classrooms and be called upon their parent/authorized pick up person’s arrival.