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Current  Students

Re-Enrollment for Currently Enrolled Students

Follow the steps below to re-enroll your student: 


              Login to Parents Web

              Expand the Family Information menu.


STEP 2:  Click Enrollment/Re-Enrollment

               You will be directed to the online Re-Enrollment section. Read and follow directions to re-enroll                       your student.  

               Or click the link above to complete your Re-enrollment forms.

               * A non-refundable Registration Fee of $250 is required at the time of enrollment.




We have three Enrollment dates:


  1. February 13: Re-Enrollment for Currently Enrolled Students 

  2. February 20: For Current Families and Staff, with new students, Alumni, St. James Church Parishioners and the new PK 3 students

  3. March 5: Open to the general public

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