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Faculty & Staff

2022 - 2023

The St. James Episcopal School faculty is a team of qualified, dedicated teachers who are enthusiastic about their subject areas, their students, and the opportunity to teach at St. James Episcopal School.


St. James teachers guide students to become self-motivated learners who able to relate what they are studying to the world around them.


Teachers use an innovative, developmentally appropriate curriculum to provide learning experiences that focus on each child’s unique strengths and interests.


Teachers are motivated to inspire students to grow in their faith and follow the example of Christ's love.


All faculty and staff members participate in extended educational opportunities, allowing new information and updated techniques to be brought into the classrooms.


Head of School

Assistant Head of School & Business Manager

Administrative Assistant & Extended Day Program

Prekindergarten 3 year olds

Teachers Assistant

Prekindergarten 3 & 4 year olds

Teachers Assistant

Prekindergarten 4 Year Olds

Teachers Assistant

Kindergarten Teacher

Teachers Assistant

First Grade

Teachers Assistant

Second Grade

Teachers Assistant & Lunchroom Coordinator

Third Grade

Fourth Grade

5th Grade Teacher

PE Teacher

Fine Arts

Extended Day Program

Teachers who love teaching, teach children to love learning. 

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