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Thank you very much for your interest in St. James Episcopal School. As you explore this website, realize that you are getting just a brief introduction to what makes St. James truly great. 


When you visit our campus, you will quickly see that it is our students who comprise the very heart and soul of who we are. They are kind, intelligent, supportive and they encourage one another. They come to us from many backgrounds and faiths, but they revel in the joy of discovery and personal and academic growth at one of our communities best private schools. 


Our faculty members are among the most dedicated professionals you’ll find anywhere. They are wonderful in the classroom, they excel in their work with students one on one, and leaders in extracurricular activities. To be a teacher at St. James is to live up to the awesome responsibility of the education, guidance, and care of children by modeling the expectations we have for our students.

Our faculty and staff look forward to welcoming you to our school and to the St. James family. Call the Admissions Office today to arrange your visit.


- St. James Episcopal School Administrative Staff

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Sarah Gerosa
Administrative Assistant


The school shall not exclude students because of race, creed, national origin, or insofar as possible, socio-economic status, in its admission
process to the school, or in the administration of any of its educational, financial aid, scholarship, or student activity programs. 
St. James Episcopal School shall make every good faith effort to encourage an inclusive student body. 
The school’s non-discrimination policies is displayed at the school and published on our website and in our advertising materials.

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