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At St. James Episcopal School, we wear uniforms to project an atmosphere of uniformity, pride, loyalty and equality among the student population. Uniforms remove some of the distractions, make students feel included and tend to make students feel like part of a “team” at school. Uniforms are mandatory and parents are required to support the policy and insure only the approved uniform is worn. Below, you will find important information regarding the SJES uniform policies, as well as helpful reminders. 



Parents are required to support the policy and insure only the approved uniform is worn


The exclusive formal uniform supplier for SJES is Lands’ End, and all items listed on the St James School page are approved uniform items. 


Lands’ End uniform shop can be accessed online through the school website, or by visiting and searching for preferred school number 900150483, or clicking the link below.


Jeans may have holes, but must remain modest where skin is visible. No holes higher than mid thigh.


NO temporary tattoos or other body art


NO jewelry except for a small watch and/or a small, modest, religious necklace may be worn. Necklace must stay tucked into polo shirts for safety reasons on the playground.


Please label all outerwear with students’ name. 



  • School spirit shirt (available through Lands' End uniform store), or SJES Soldiers spirit shirt (available for purchase through the School Store)

  • Blue jean shorts, pants or skirt- distressing must be modest if present

  • Tennis shoes of your choosing- NO flashing lights, NO wheels

  • Solid white or solid black socks

  • Navy, white, grey or Lands' End plaid hair accessories- for girls

  • If a student does not wear the spirit shirt, they must wear their full regular school uniform


Formal Wednesday uniforms must be worn every Wednesday unless otherwise notified by your child's teacher or the school office. Polos & oxfords must be tucked in at all times. 

Girls Formal Uniforms

  • Uniform Polo in white- Logo Required

  • Plaid Jumper- Required

  • Tennis shoes of your choosing- Required, NO flashing lights, NO wheels

  • Solid white socks 

  • Navy, white, gray or Lands

Boys Formal Uniforms

  • Light blue oxford shirt, short sleeve or long sleeve- Logo Required 

  • Uniform khaki pants, Lands’ End Preferred- Required

  • Black belt- Required

  • Solid white or solid black socks, any style- Required

  • Tennis shoes of your choosing - Required NO flashing lights, NO wheels

  • Lands’ End plaid tie- Optional 

  • Navy vest- Logo Required - Optional



Boys pants and shorts from Lands’ End have elastic waist bands and girls’ uniform skirts and skorts come with adjustable waist bands to accommodate the smaller students. A solid long sleeve white shirt may be worn under uniform polos when the weather begins to change. Winter wear is for outdoor activities and uniform polos must be worn under all outerwear, including sweatshirts. Please label all outerwear with your students’ name to help ensure the right sweater or coat makes it home with the right student. For lost outerwear and other items, please check the school's Lost and Found, or contact the school office. Students will remain inside if the weather is below 40° as indicated by the national weather service. Rain boots may be worn on rainy days, but students must change into tennis shoes upon entering the building. All above listed rules apply to No Uniform Days as well. Please refer to the Parent Handbook for non-compliance rules and further information.

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