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Registration Process

How do I enroll my child at St. James?

All new families must go through the Application Process before they can enroll their student at St. James. 


This process includes:

  • submitting the online application   

  • submitting a copy of your student's birth certificate 

  • Taking a tour of the Campus

  • A classroom visit with both the student(s) and the parents

  • Meeting with the Head of School

What do I need to do to complete the Application Process?

New parents must complete the Online Application prior to being considered for enrollment at SJES. There is a processing fee of $25 for the application and all sections of the application must be completed where applicable. Families must also:

  1. Schedule and attend a school tour with the candidate

  2. Complete the Parent Questionnaire

  3. Sign the Release of Records

  4. Teacher Recommendations need to be completed and returned to St. James

  5. Schedule and have candidate take the Student Assessment (1st-5th grades only)

  6. Schedule and attend a Classroom Visit with your student

  7. Meet with the Head of School

I received an email saying my child was accepted, now what do I need to do?

In the acceptance email welcoming you to St. James, you will find instructions on creating your Family Portal account as well as how to navigate to your enrollment packet once your account is created. Follow the step by step instructions provided or call one of our administrative staff members for guidance in the process at 830-775-9911. 

What do I need to do to complete the enrollment process?

All sections of the enrollment form must be complete where applicable, the non-refundable $250 registration fee must be paid and the following supporting documents

  • Social Security Card (or I-20 and Visa if applicable)  

  • Immunization Records

must be turned in to the school for your enrollment to be complete. 

How do I submit my supporting documents for enrollment?

Supporting documents can be submitted three ways:

  1. Uploading them into the enrollment form

  2. Scan and email to

  3. Bring a hard copy to the school office

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Payment Options

What are my payment options?

St. James offers multiple payment options to assist our families in budgeting and to fit everyone’s tuition needs. Our payment schedules are as follows:

  1. Monthly

  2. Three Payments

  3. Two Payments 

  4. One Payment

  5. Custom


How do I select the custom payment option?

Custom payment plans can be created by speaking with the school's Business Manager and discussing your family’s needs. 

Does St. James offer any discounts?

SJES offers several different discount options to our families that can be used in conjunction with each other. 

  1. Multiple Child Discount

  2. Payment in Full Discount

  3. Tuition Assistance Discount

  4. Employee Discount 

When are tuition payments due?

Tuition is due on the 5th of the month.

Do I have to pay on the 5th of the month?

No, payment plans can be customized to suit the family's needs. 

How do I pay my tuition?

St. James uses FACTS, a tuition management company, to handle tuition collection. During the enrollment process, families are prompted to create an account through FACTS to pay their tuition. Tuition is automatically drafted from a checking or savings account of your choosing or charged to your credit card.

What is FACTS?

FACTS is the nation’s leader in providing tuition payment plans and financial aid assessment services to private and faith-based schools.

Is there a fee for enrolling in FACTS payment plans?

There is a $45 registration/reenrollment fee in FACTS that occurs at the beginning of each school year and will be taken out separately from your tuition payment.

Applying for Tuition Assistance

When do I need to apply for Tuition Assistance for the next school year?

Tuition Assistance applications are available January 1st - May 1st of each school year. Applications are reviewed in May and awarded prior to the end of school for the following year. 

Who qualifies for Tuition Assistance?

Tuition Assistance is awarded based on a family’s financial need and must be re-applied for every school year to receive assistance.

How will I be notified if I am awarded Tuition Assistance?

A letter will be mailed notifying you of the amount awarded to your family along with a form that has to be signed and returned to the school. 

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Family Portal

What is Family Portal?

Family Portal, formerly ParentsWeb, is the information processing system that SJES uses to allow access to parents, staff and faculty members access to grades, lunch orders, schedules, pictures and more. 

What is the district code for Family Portal?

The district code is:  SJES-TX

Do I have to have a Family Portal account?

Yes, every family has an account because it is how you enroll and re-enroll every year.

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Can I buy uniforms directly from the school?

No. However, we do have a used uniform sale in August for you to purchase gently used uniforms for a discounted price. 

Where do I buy uniforms for my child?

Our exclusive uniform supplier is Lands' End.

Can I get uniforms from somewhere else?

No. The school has a contract with Lands' End and families are required to purchase all polos, plaid jumpers, skirts & skorts from them. The only exception to the rule is for boys; they can purchase khaki pants or shorts from Children's Place. 

What is St. James's preferred school number for Lands' End?

The preferred school number for the Lands' End uniform shop is 900150483.

Does my son have to wear a belt?

Yes. Students in Kindergarten through Fifth grade are required to wear a belt and have their shirts tucked in at all times. 


Does my child have to wear a jacket with a logo?

No, logos on outerwear are not required. 

Can my child wear any jacket they want?

No, students may only wear navy or grey cardigans, zip up hoodies, or light weight jackets in the classrooms and in chapel. 

Does my child's winter coat have to be navy or grey only too?

No. Winter coats can be any color or style; however, students will be asked to remove them upon entering the building. They will be permitted to put them back on before going to PE, Recess or any other outdoor activities. 

Can my child wear rain boots on rainy days?

Students may come to school in their rain boots, but must change into their uniform shoes upon entering the school building. 

Jewelry and Accessories

Can my child wear jewelry to school?

Small, modest, religious necklaces may be worn, but must be tucked into their polo shirts for safety reasons. Girls may wear small hoop or stud earrings. No other jewelry may be worn to school. 

Can my daughter wear nail polish to school?

No, colored nail polish is not allowed. 

Can my student have stick on tattoos or wear makeup to school?


Spirit Shirts and Formal Uniforms

When do students wear their spirit shirts?

Students wear their spirit shirts every Monday with blue jeans, blue jean shorts, or blue jean skirts (for girls), and for driving field trips throughout the school year. 

If my child doesn't have blue jean pants, shorts, or skirt what do their wear with their spirit shirts?

Students may wear their regular uniform bottoms with their spirit shirt if they do not have blue jean bottoms. 

Does my child get to wear whatever socks and shoes they want on Spirit Shirt Mondays?

Students must wear white or black socks on spirit shirt Mondays, but they may wear TENNIS SHOES of their choosing. Tennis shoes may not have flashing lights or wheels in the heel. 

On what days is the formal uniform worn?

Fridays and for special events such as Picture Day, Grandparents Day, and the Christmas Program (when requested). Teachers and staff will notify parents of any days other than those listed above that students need to be in their formal uniforms. 

What is my child required to wear on formal uniform days?

Boys - Light blue oxford shirt with the logo, uniform pants or shorts, black belt, solid white or black socks, and solid white or black shoes.

Girls- White uniform shirt, plaid jumper, solid white socks and solid black or white shoes. 

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