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"Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference."
- Kathy Calvin


St. James greatefully accepts gifts in the form of cash, check, money order or online through Pay Pal. Below are a few ways you can give back and help continue the legacy of SJES. 



St. James Episcopal School has an annual giving campaign to help continue to the superior education offered our students. We look to parents, alumni, grandparents, parishioners, community members, faculty, staff, and board members to participate. The focus is on participation, not the amount of the gift. Gifts of all sizes are appreciated. All gifts made towards the Annual Giving campaign are tax deductible! Each and every gift is significant and enhances the quality of education here at St. James Episcopal School.



Pledges are gifts that can be paid over a specified period of time. We would be delighted to accept your pledge and/or assist you with your payment schedule. We encourage you to explore the topic of matching gifts with your employer. This opportunity may allow you to double or even triple your gift to St. James. Visit with your company’s human resources department to see if your gift qualifies for a match.



Donations are accepted in memory or in honor of loved ones and are invested in a separate fund to benefit the life of the school. Donors may designate where their contribution may be invested, or if not specified, donations will be left to the discretion of the Administration and/or the Board of Directors. With over 50 years in existence, St. James Episcopal School has been so very blessed with the lives of many. We welcome the opportunity to honor your loved ones by placing your donation carefully to benefit the lives of others.



The Claudia Abbey-Ball Endowment Fund was established for the exclusive purpose of enhancing teacher salaries at St. James Episcopal School. Any donations to the Endowment Fund are greatly appreciated and will bring St. James Episcopal School closer to our goal of being able to use the interest from the fund to raise salaries while keeping the principal intact. 



Volunteers are essential to school life and are valued members of the SJES community. Volunteering is a great way to get to know the faculty and staff and your child’s classmates and see St. James in action. There are many opportunities to get involved from staffing the monthly Fun Lunches to helping with all school fundraisers throughout the year. Whatever your talent or passion and no matter your available time commitment, we are thankful for your support!

We at St. James are dedicated to our students' education and well-being. It is because of you, our fabulous parents, alumni, and community members, that we are able to continue to better our students' lives and education, and remain a part of this wonderful community.

Thank you to the many who support St. James Episcopal School. Through your contributions and gifts of time and talent, our teachers have access to resources required for an exemplary education, our community is strengthened, and our students flourish.

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