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Admission Policy
  • St. James Episcopal School shall admit students of any sex, race, color, religion or national or ethnic origin, to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at St. James Episcopal School. 


  • The School observes the students chronological age in determining grade placement (a cut-off date of September 1st is used to determine grade level). No exceptions or waivers will be granted without permission from the Head of School.


  • Students applying for acceptance to St. James shall provide past scholastic records and will be given an appropriate readiness or achievement test deemed necessary and administered by the St. James staff for grades K-5th.


  • Applicants may be evaluated by the Head of School to determine proper grade placement; taking into account the student’s level of achievement, his/her chronological age, and other social, physiological, and developmental considerations. ​
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Admission Requirements
  • PK 3 & PK 4 - While no assessment is required for this age group, The Gesell Observation for Readiness may be administered if deemed necessary (applicants are evaluated for age appropriate developmental readiness including fine and gross motor skills).


  • Kindergarten - The Gesell Observation for Readiness will be administered to evaluate the child’s developmental, academic, social and behavioral readiness for Kindergarten. **Staff members are trained by the Gesell Institute of Human Development, to administer this observation to help determine a child’s developmental progress and readiness for promotion.


  • First - Fifth Grade – A cumulative assessment of the St. James curriculum will be administered to all applicants requesting entrance into the 1st – 5th grades. Test administrators will also observe the student for social, emotional and behavioral skills.


  • Incontenance:  It is our policy that students who enroll in pre-kindergarten or a higher grade must be potty trained and must be able to take care of all personal bathroom needs (including wiping) independently. We are not able to meet the needs of children who are not fully potty trained. If a problem persists, we will need to review the appropriateness of the student’s placement.


  • English Proficiency:   SJES admits a limited number of non-English speakers to our pre-school and kindergarten.  In grades first through fifth, English proficiency is required in order that the quality of instruction is maintained. English proficiency will be determined by a reading/math test and an interview.


  • Placement:  In grades with more than one class, the placement of your child is a Head of School decision.  There are many factors that influence the decision of how children are placed.


  • Developmental Observation:  Pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students may be referred for a Developmental Observation.  Staff members are trained by the Gesell Institute of Human Development, to administer this observation to help determine a child’s developmental progress and readiness for promotion.


  • Probationary Period:  Acceptance for admission to St. James Episcopal School will be probationary for six weeks to determine whether a child’s needs can be met by the academic program at SJES.  St. James Episcopal School reserves the right to make the final decision regarding admittance, grade placement, and promotion.


St. James Episcopal School reserves the right to ask any student to leave if the student is not benefiting from or adjusting to the school program.

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