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APRIL 2024






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John 14:3

I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am.


With our Spring fundraiser right around the corner and our raffle ticket sales in full swing, I thought I would take a minute to explain why fundraising at St. James is so important, and why we ask our families to help us by spreading the word and selling tickets. Here at St. James, our entire budget is based on tuition and fundraising. We cannot run the school on tuition alone, so fundraising is a much needed part of the big picture. Because we are a non-profit organization, we do not receive assistance from the government, therefore giving us the freedom to keep God in our school and high academic achievement as the foundation for each of our students. Though we do many small things throughout the school year, such as the Square One Art fundraiser and the Book Fair, our two main fundraisers are the Evening Alfresco and the Pulling for St. James events held in the Fall and Spring. These fundraisers not only help us continue to be able to provide for the educational needs of our students, but also help us to make much needed improvements to facilities, provide raises for our teachers and staff, update our technology, and spread the word of God throughout our community, by allowing us to continue to operate as a private Christian school. 


While the Evening Alfresco and Pulling for St. James fundraisers are fun social events to attend for parents, they are not solely dependent on parent monies to operate. These are great ways to involve the community of Del Rio and the surrounding areas in raising funds for St. James. All you need to do is sell raffle tickets and invite someone who is not affiliated with the school to attend our event. Of course we love having our families join us, and encourage you to participate if you have never been, as it is a wonderful evening of communal fellowship. We greatly appreciate our families support and hope to see everyone at our Pulling for St. James Fiesta on April 19th!

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This week in Health class, Mrs. Hildreth’s Kindergarten class received their lesson on where their food comes from by talking about farms. The students in this class were then able to taste some cantaloupe. It makes me so happy to see students excited about eating fruit. The 1st and 2nd graders continued their conversations about the food journey by watching a short documentary about the food production chain. They then did an activity identifying what types of foods come from animals. It is amazing to think about how much some animals provide for us. The 3rd graders continued their conversation about the food journey by further looking at a food production chain map. Food starts at the production level then travels to the distribution and processing levels. From here, food then travels to the restaurant and retailer levels where it then ends up on our plates. These students then began creating their very own Food Production Chain maps. Check back next week to see what we will be up to in Health class!

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